Profiles in "Semiconductors" Expertise Area

  • Dr Shane Johnson is a tenured Research Scientist at Arizona State University and has over 30 years of experience in the area of compound semiconductor materials and devices, including growth, fabrication, and design.
  • Blain Christen's research includes bio-compatible integration techniques for CMOS electronics; microfluidics, non-traditional microfabrication; MEMS devices/bio-MEMS; bioelectronics focused on analog and neuromorphic design.
  • Ferry has authored or co-authored more than 950 research papers, written or co-written 20 textbooks, 34 chapters in science books and edited 8other books.
  • Thornton's research interests include silicon-on-insulator MESFETs, electronics for extreme environments, electron transport in nanostructures, and bio-molecular sensors.
  • John Kouvetakis research interests include solid-state and molecular inorganic chemistry, as well as materials science of main group semiconductors.
  • Wang's research interests include thermal energy conversion, storage, and transport in nanostructured materials; thermoelectric power generation; thermal storage media; heat transfer, and phonon optics
  • Formicone's research interests span the broad area of solid-state RF and Microwave power amplifiers for communications, avionics, radars, defense and security applications.
  • MenĂ©ndez leads a research program on the physics of semiconductor materials.