Profiles in "Thin Film Materials" Expertise Area

  • Dr Shane Johnson is a tenured Research Scientist at Arizona State University and has over 30 years of experience in the area of compound semiconductor materials and devices, including growth, fabrication, and design.
  • Wang's research interests include thermal energy conversion, storage, and transport in nanostructured materials; thermoelectric power generation; thermal storage media; heat transfer, and phonon optics
  • Rajagopalan's research focuses on the mechanics of nanoscale materials, cells and biological systems.
  • Holman's research group at ASU focuses on new materials and device designs for high-efficiency silicon, CdTe, and silicon-based tandem solar cells.
  • Ernst Bauer main contributions are: classification of thin film growth and nucleation mechanisms and his invention in 1962 of the Low Energy Electron Microscopy (LEEM), which came to fruition in 1985.
  • Cho applies technology to new business ventures and his expertise includes entrepreneurship, strategic marketing and leadership.