Profiles in "Bioenergy" Expertise Area

  • Webber is a professor in the School of Life Sciences and most recently served as executive director in the Office of the University Provost where he oversaw University Accreditation and Academic Program Reviews.
  • Moore is a Regents Professor. He and his colleagues collaborate on research in artificial photosynthesis.
  • Dr. Flory has an interdisciplinary background with a BS in physics, seven years industry experience, and a PhD in biological design. He works with faculty to develop proposals and manages 2 DOE and 1 NSF funded projects.
  • Wang is an applied microbiologist, working at the interface between microbial genetics and metabolic engineering to develop new microbial production processes.
  • Vermaas and his team conduct basic and applied research on cyanobacteria, a group of photosynthetic microbes, using these organisms as a chassis to produce useful compounds (biofuels, green chemicals) from sunlight and CO2.
  • Omar Khdour’s research focuses on the vital role of mitochondrial energy metabolism in human health, wellness, and disease.
  • Assistant Professor in the School of Molecular Sciences at Arizona State University. His research is at the confluence of statistical mechanics, molecular biology, hybrid modeling and large-scale computer simulations.