Profiles in "Invertebrates" Expertise Area

  • Using the honey bee as a model, Regents Professor Page has dissected their complex foraging division of labor at all levels of biological organization from gene networks to complex social interactions.
  • Ronald Rutowski research examines function and percpetion of bright coloration in animals as well as the mechanisms that produce coloration. Butterflies are a special focus of his studies.
  • Ebie studies ant reproductive regulation. She's interested in invertebrate communication, behavior, and sensory physiology. She also studies undergraduate persistence and TA development.
  • Taylor is a theoretical population geneticist who uses mathematical models to explore evolutionary processes. He is especially interested in the biology of soil mites in the Madrean sky islands of Arizona and Sonora.
  • Dr. Fisher studies the functional anatomy of vertebrates and cephalopods and the use of artificial intelligence, XR, and other emerging technologies in medical education.
  • Maas is a comparative ecophysiologist who studies the biogeochemical role of zooplankton in open ocean systems and the effects of climate change on these organisms.