Profiles in "Reproduction" Expertise Area

  • DeNardo has been a faculty member with the School of Life Sciences since 1998 and has published more than 100 scientific papers in the field of environmental physiology.
  • Wilson is a computational evolutionary biologist studying sex-biased processes including human and non-human health and disease.
  • Dr. Baluch is the KE Biosciences Asst Director and oversees the ALMC, Flow, RegenMed, Histology and SOLS shared core facilities. Her research focuses on cellular behavior using advanced microscopy techniques.
  • Capco is a cell biologist who studies how different types of cells in the human body relate to disease, illness, and birth defects.
  • Dr. Dina Ziganshina Lienhard received her PhD in Biology (Biology & Society) from ASU in 2023 and currently works as the Senior Program Manager at the School of Complex Adaptive Systems at ASU.