Profiles in "Hispanic Population" Expertise Area

  • His intellectual interests are broadly comparative and publications include 13 books in English and Spanish with three others translated in Spanish as well as more than 75 articles and chapters and received major awards.
  • Marsiglia’s research on cultural diversity and youth substance use is highly influential in the prevention field, and credited with a measurable reduction in drug use and other high-risk behaviors by youth.
  • Castro's research interests include health promotion and relapse prevention in Hispanic populations, with focus on motivational aspects in HIV prevention, drug abuse, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.
  • Barrera's research interests include prevention and behavioral treatment for type 2 diabetes, social support interventions, and behavioral health interventions for Latino families.
  • Vega-López's research focuses on studying lifestyle factors, such as diet and physical activity, and how to modify them for the prevention of chronic diseases among Hispanics.
  • Aguila is an Exercise and Wellness instructor with an interest in health coaching, worksite wellness, and the Hispanic community.
  • Vega's research ethnographically explores the every day lived experiences of Latina/os in the U.S. with an emphasis on gender and religion.
  • Linare is Licensed Social Worker with more than 12 years of experience in the human services field.