Profiles in "Social Psychology" Expertise Area

  • Kenrick's research integrates applies models from evolutionary biology and cognitive science to study the effects of fundamental social motivations on cognition, economic decision-making, and social behaviors.
  • Neuberg's interests include evolutionary approaches to human sociality; stigma; prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination; motivation influences on cognition; and religion and conflict.
  • Knight's research interests in the development of ethnic identity, cross-ethnic and cross-race measurement equivalence and prosocial behavior.
  • Dr. Cialdini has spent his career publishing research on what why we say "yes" to requests. His articles and his NYT bestselling books have led to his election to the NAAS & AAAS. He is known as the Godfather of Influence.
  • Cohen studies culture and religion. Cohen's main research interests fuse cultural, social, and personality psychology. He is interested in how religious differences function as cultural differences.
  • Aiken is the area head of Quantitative, in the Department of Psychology. Her substantive research focuses on women's health protective behavior across the lifespan.
  • Mae's research interests include pedagogy and social cognition. She also specializes in the creation of multimedia presentations for the classroom and courtroom.
  • Shiota's research addresses human emotion with emphasis on positive emotions, emotion regulation, and emotional mechanisms of close relationships.