Profiles in "Sculpture" Expertise Area

  • Harp creates videos, sculptures, installations and media projects which explore new hybrid forms, and challenge categories, particularly categories of high and low, male and female, technology and craft.
  • An artist who loves teaching, White is a sculptor/neon artist who exhibits throughout the U.S. and internationally (in England, Scotland, Japan and China). He earned his BFA and MFA in art at Ohio University.
  • Ellsworth is an artist, educator, and walker. She is the founding director of the Museum of Walking.
  • I am an artist, educator and engineer. I build and research expressive robotic systems. I also build, play and study musical instruments.
  • Jesse Ortiz serves as an academic advisor to undergraduate students within the Department of English.
  • Lee has an interdisciplinary practice straddling art, design, science and sustainability. She has traveled to numerous residencies and is involved in collaborations with artists and scientists.
  • Neubauer is a sculptor working at the intersection of art and science, focusing on foundry and digital arts.
  • Working with a critical focus on social justice, Cabrera artistic productions strive to create a social consciousness while generating solutions social problems and empowering all members of highly diverse communities.