Profiles in "Entertainment Technology" Expertise Area

  • Tepper is a leading writer and speaker on U.S. cultural policy. His work fosters national discussions around topics of cultural engagement, creative work and careers, art, democracy, and the 21st century creative campus.
  • Jesse Ortiz serves as an academic advisor to undergraduate students within the Department of English.
  • Dr. Sean M. Leahy is a Foresight Catalyst and Research Scientist for the Future of Being Human Initiative, catalyzing thinking on advanced technology transitions, technology for good, and the future of being human.
  • Klucsarits is an award-winning cinematographer working in narrative, documentary and commercial film.
  • Meirelles explores the possibilities of sound to tell stories, build worlds and revamp the human life experience. Leads Sonora Audio Lab: hub for advancing creative work, research, diversity and inclusion in immersive sound
  • Horacio Velasquez enjoys the pleasure of teaching and the satisfaction of delivering productions through Film & Media complex Post-Production Workflows. "Education using tech to help culture to heal the soul" as he says.