Profiles in "Interactive Visual Media" Expertise Area

  • Christina Carrasquilla is a Senior Lecturer in Graphic Information Technology at ASU. Her areas of interest include user experience and cross-media design, front-end web design and development, and social media.
  • Moon combines various forms of art and technology to create works that encourage meaningful interactions between humans and devices. This includes music compositions/performances, interactive installations and digital art.
  • Dolin is the founder of the GIT Commercial Photography Studio at the Polytechnic campus, and director of the Technical Imaging Lab, which explores high speed imaging, stroboscopic and thermal photography.
  • Sha's research concerns ethico-aesthetic improvisation, and a topological approach to morphogenesis and process philosophy.
  • Olson is co-creator of CritViz, an online framework for supporting real-time critique, conversation, and peer ranking of creative work in the classroom. Olson co-directs the Digital Culture Summer Institute.
  • Selgrad's research interests include game mechanics, path planning, perception and game AI.
  • Dr. Harris' expertise focuses on visual communication, UX/UI, graphic design, sociotechnology, and information in the digital age. She worked as a manager in industry for decades.
  • Jacob Greene researches emerging modes of digital and location-based writing.
  • Meirelles explores the possibilities of sound to tell stories, build worlds and revamp the human life experience. Leads Sonora Audio Lab: hub for advancing creative work, research, diversity and inclusion in immersive sound