Profiles in "Jazz" Expertise Area

  • Shellans is a professional performer and music educator. He has taught 15 different courses to more than 100,000 students at ASU since 1985.
  • Libman is a Chicago-born jazz guitarist.
  • Rulon-Maxwell had been teaching and performing professionally in the Valley since relocating to Arizona in 2005.
  • Moio is in his 20th year with ASU's jazz faculty. He's recorded more than 65 jazz CDs.
  • Kocour is a jazz pianist, a Hammond B3 organist and composer. He also serves as director of jazz studies at ASU. An active performer for more than three decades, Kocour has appeared at venues around the world.
  • Christi Jay Wells is an interdisciplinary scholar in the fields of jazz history, popular music studies, dance studies, and arts & cultural policy.
  • Nash is a highly sought after jazz educator and is the drummer of choice for an incredible array of artists – from jazz masters to the hottest young players of today.