Profiles in "Drones" Expertise Area

  • Prof Takahashi teaches classes in aircraft performance, aerodynamics, aerospace structures and materials and engineering profession.
  • Pavlic works in interdisciplinary decision-making problems in natural and artificial autonomous systems. He was the founding associate director of research for The Biomimicry Center at ASU.
  • Troy Rule's research focuses on emerging property law and regulatory issues involving wind energy, solar energy, domestic drones and other technologies.
  • Meredith Hoy is Associate Professor of Art Theory and Expanded Arts in the School of Art at ASU. Hoy’s interdisciplinary scholarship and creative practice examine technological, ecological, scientific, and social systems.
  • Kim is a senior program manager for the Youth Entrepreneurship team within Edson E+I. Her background is in K12 education and finance. She has been a certified CTE business teacher since 2008.