Profiles in "Drones" Expertise Area

  • Prof Takahashi taught classes in aircraft performance, aerodynamics, aerospace structures and materials and engineering profession.
  • Pavlic works in interdisciplinary decision-making problems in natural and artificial autonomous systems. He was the founding associate director of research for The Biomimicry Center at ASU.
  • Troy Rule's research focuses on emerging property law and regulatory issues involving wind energy, solar energy, domestic drones and other technologies.
  • My theory-driven research explores deep histories of technological systems (textual, visual, and audio) in ecological, scientific and social contexts. My creative practice blurs false boundaries between language and art.
  • Kim is a senior program manager for the Youth Entrepreneurship team within Edson E+I. Her background is in K12 education and finance. She has been a certified CTE business teacher since 2008.