Profiles in "Terrorism" Expertise Area

  • Simpson is a political historian whose work examines challenges to American geopolitical dominance from foreign entities, as well a threats posed terrorist organizations.
  • Corman is the director of the Center for Strategic Communication and researcher in strategic communication, counterterrorism, organizational communication, narrative, framing, text analysis, and networks.
  • Rothenberg is the co-director of the Center on the Future of War, working on human rights, international law, and conflict.
  • Peter L. Bergen has written extensively about al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, Pakistan, counterterrorism, homeland security and the Middle East.
  • Erik Luna is the Amelia D. Lewis Professor of Constitutional and Criminal Law. He teaches and writes primarily in the areas of criminal law and criminal procedure.
  • Ashley Gimbal earned both her master’s degree from San Francisco State University and bachelor’s degree from California State University, Chico. Her research examines mass media framing of terrorism.
  • Cheryl Schmidt's research interests includes disaster preparedness of nursing students. She is also a member of the Research Committee of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Emergency Management Evaluation Center
  • Bienenstock's substantive area of specialization within sociology is social psychology, with emphasis on emergent properties of exchange.
  • Gall is a hazards geographer and studies how natural hazards and society interact. She utilizes geospatial analytics and disaster metrics (vulnerability indices, losses, etc.) to capture these interactions.