Profiles in "Linguistics - Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis" Expertise Area

  • Adams research interests are in the study of language in its social and linguistic context. She is the director of English graduate studies.
  • Brendan O’Connor is a linguistic anthropologist of education in ASU's School of Transborder Studies who conducts research on language, identity, youth culture, and education.
  • SturtzSreetharan's interests center on how speakers signal their identities including masculinity. She also investigates the ways that people understand and make sense of their bodies, as revealed in their language use.
  • Katie Bernstein's work examines the language and literacy learning of linguistically diverse students and the contexts that shape their learning: from peer interactions to teacher beliefs to state-level language policy.
  • Spasovski's research and scholarly interests focus on pragmatics, phonology, sociolinguistics, intercultural communication, second-language acquisition, and ESL.
  • Interdisciplinary linguist interested in historical and philosophical problems of language.