Profiles in "Prevention and Intervention Science" Expertise Area

  • Dr. Chen's program of research focuses on developing and implementing tech-based interventions to address behaviors associated with HPV vaccination, HIV/STI, substance abuse and mental health issues in vulnerable populations.
  • Gabriel Shaibi's research examines obesity-related health in high-risk and vulnerable populations with an emphasis on understanding and preventing cardiometabolic diseases.
  • Gonzales is executive vice president and university provost and Foundation Professor in the Department of Psychology at ASU.
  • Wolchik is interested in developing, evaluating and optimizing programs for two types of at-risk situations: parental divorce and parental death.
  • MacKinnon has wide ranging interests in statistics and methodology but his primary interest is in the area of statistical methods to assess how prevention and treatment programs achieve their effects.
  • Kulis is the director of research for ASU's Global Center for Applied Health Research, co-PI for ASU's Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center, and professor of sociology in the School of Social and Family Dynamics.
  • Hanish studies children's peer relationships; aggression and bullying; and school-related contexts and outcomes.
  • Vega-L√≥pez's research focuses on studying lifestyle factors, such as diet and physical activity, and how to modify them for the prevention of chronic diseases among Hispanics.
  • Corbin's research goals include improving understanding of factors that lead to the development of alcohol-related problems; and developing effective programs for reducing alcohol-related harm.