Profiles in "Migration, Race, Ethnicity, and Culture" Expertise Area

  • Knight's research interests in the development of ethnic identity, cross-ethnic and cross-race measurement equivalence and prosocial behavior.
  • Bethany Van Vleet is a senior lecture and director of the online graduate program in family and human development in the Sanford School. Teaching activities emphasize statistics, research methods, and human development.
  • Paulesc's research interests include cultural studies, language and identity, migration studies, storytelling and Eastern European film.
  • An professor of Asian Pacific American studies, Yoo holds a joint appointment with the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics and the School of Social Transformation at ASU.
  • White trained in family and human development and in public health. They are interested in the ways in which U.S. neighborhood contexts, culture, and family processes come together to influence adolescent development.
  • Bebout has authored two books: "Mythohistorical Interventions: The Chicano Movement and Its Legacies" and "Whiteness on the Border: Mapping the US Racial Imagination in Brown and White."
  • Lim is an associate professor of History at ASU. Trained in history and law, she focuses on immigration, borders, and race.