Profiles in "Immigration and Migration" Expertise Area

  • Studies the associations of lacking legal status with child, adult and family well-being, mainstream views and media coverage of U.S. racial/ethnic diversification, and contemporary immigration attitudes.
  • Manchester specializes in 19th and 20th century Russian history. Her current research interests include ethnic return migration, diaspora culture, oral history, and autobiographical narratives.
  • Sarat's work explores the intersection of religion and migration in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, with special attention to ways in which people draw upon religion to formulate notions of belonging and confront challenges.
  • Vega's research ethnographically explores the every day lived experiences of Latina/os in the U.S. with an emphasis on gender and religion.
  • Nilanjana Bhattacharjya's research focuses on popular music, film, and visual culture from South Asia and its diasporic communities. She is affiliated with the Center for Asian Research and the South Asia Council at ASU.
  • Bae's research and teaching interests encompass an array of historical and contemporary topics, including social and political movements, immigration, and imperialism and colonialism.
  • ​Evelyn Cruz is the director of the College of Law's Immigration Clinic which represents foreign-born foster children in immigration matters. She teaches and writes about immigration and legal education.
  • Lim is an associate professor of History at ASU. Trained in history and law, she focuses on immigration, borders, and race.