Profiles in "Bioarchaeology" Expertise Area

  • Chris Stojanowski is a bioarchaeologist who specializes in the analysis of human skeletal remains from archaeological sites.
  • Baker is a bioarchaeologist with extensive field experience in Egypt, Sudan, Cyprus and the U.S. Her research integrates archaeology and biological anthropology to investigate the lifeways and health status of past people.
  • Knudson is a bioarchaeologist and archaeologist who uses biogeochemistry to answer anthropological questions.
  • Regents Professor and bioarchaeology pioneer Buikstra melds disciplines like paleopathology and forensic anthropology to investigate disease evolution and other aspects of the human condition.
  • Aliya is an anthropology PhD student, Fulbright alumna, and NSF Graduate Research Fellow. She studies exclusionary practices in academia with a focus on graduate education and training.
  • Marsteller is an anthropological bioarchaeologist with interests bridging the fields of sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, biological anthropology, and global health.
  • Blevins researches ancient disease evolution and epidemiology by analyzing human skeletal remains in conjunction with ancient pathogen DNA.