Profiles in "Classics" Expertise Area

  • Haberman has taught upper-level Latin and literature courses at ASU for 50 years, as well as the occasional culture course.
  • Poudrier teaches Latin language courses as well as ancient Greek and Roman myth, history, religion, and culture. She is involved in many service and outreach activities like Fall Forum and the ACMRS Latin Research Group.
  • Arena teaches a broad range of courses in ancient Greek and Latin language and literature, Greek and Roman history, and medieval Latin.
  • Tueller teaches Greek language and literature, especially the poetry of the Hellenistic period.
  • Mahgoub al-Tahawy is an award-winning Egyptian novelist and short story writer, and affiliated member of the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing at ASU.
  • Don Fette teaches at Barrett, the Honors College. His teaching interests and experience entail a number of areas and disciplines.
  • Álvaro Cerrón-Palomino's teaching and research interests include variationist sociolinguistics, dialectology, and historical linguistics.
  • Bolmarcich was born and raised in Philadelphia and came to ASU in fall 2010. She works on ancient Greek international relations and diplomacy.
  • Moran's current research investigates how methods in the physical sciences provide a foothold for thinking about the materiality of knowledge production in feminist theory and practice.