Profiles in "Biogeoscience" Expertise Area

  • Shock has appointments in the School of Molecular Sciences and School of Earth and Space Exploration and is director of the W. M. Keck Foundation Laboratory for Environmental Biogeochemistry at ASU.
  • Astrobiologist, paleontologist, sedimentologist & petroleum geologist He helped establish the fields of Astrobiology & Exopaleontology, redefined NASA's exploration strategy into: the search for life is the search for water
  • Martin’s research incorporates field and laboratory studies of trees and corals with aircraft- and satellite-based maps to understand the biodiversity and health of forests and reefs.
  • Li is a biological oceanographer, remote sensing scientist, and computer scientist.
  • Justin is a graduate researcher focusing on bacterial communities capable of degrading regulated contaminants. He hopes to implement this research professionally in order to provide healthy environments for creating health communities.