Profiles in "X-ray Crystallography" Expertise Area

  • Fromme studies crystal structures of various proteins with focus in the field of photosynthesis.
  • Ros is a faculty member of SMS and the Center for Applied Structural Discovery at ASU's Biodesign Institute. Her current research interests include bioanlalytics in the micro- and nanoenvironment.
  • Dr. Wachter is Emerita Professor in the School of Molecular Sciences. Her research/teaching interests include protein biochemistry, macromolecular X-ray crystallography, physical biochemistry, and biological chemistry.
  • Dan Shim's research interests are centered on the physical and chemical properties of materials at high pressures and temperature, and the structure and evolution of Earth and planetary interiors.
  • Brent Nannenga associate professor of chemical engineering in SEMTE. His research focuses on method development and new applications of structural biology and protein engineering
  • Graves' interests focus on a new type of X-ray light source based on the collision of extremely short electron and laser pulses.
  • Dr. Thomas L. Groy received his Ph.D. in 1982 from Arizona State University and has been actively involved in X-ray diffraction studies since. He currently holds a position of staff crystallographer.