Profiles in "Comparative Politics" Expertise Area

  • Schatzman's courses examine politics through a comparative lens and in a globalized world.
  • Peskin joined ASU in 2006. His research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of international relations, comparative politics, and human rights.
  • Hinojosa studies women's under-representation in Latin American politics. She co-authored Seeing Women, Strengthening Democracy: How Women in Politics Foster Connected Citizens (Oxford University Press, 2020).
  • Warner’s research and teaching areas are religion and politics, the military, and the political economy of corruption in the global political economy.
  • Koehler's primary research interests include the role of identity in international politics, specifically for the region of East Asia.
  • Melissa Samuelson’s research focuses on incorporating consideration of culture and personal values in professional decision-making and communication.
  • Walker’s research interests focus on conflict management and resolution, foreign policy analysis, and political psychology.
  • Funk's research focuses on gender representation, local governance, decentralization, international public management and government performance.