Profiles in "Political Theory" Expertise Area

  • Ron’s research focuses around two central themes: the political and normative dimensions of the history of political economy, and the democratic theory of the public sphere.
  • Ball's research interests include political theory and environmental political theory; conceptual history; history of Western political thought, esp. 17th-19th c., and American political thought.
  • Crittenden is an emeritus professor of political science within the School of Politics and Global Studies.
  • Challenging the conventional wisdom—that whatever else liberalism is, it is, beyond question, a type of individualism—is Professor Avital's task.
  • Oberle's expertise areas include modern intellectual history, German and French history, political theory and social thought, the history of science and technology.
  • Kirkpatrick researches American political thought, with an emphasis on social movements, law, and social change. Her other interests include law and society, morality and politics, and feminist theory.
  • Robert E. Kirsch is a political theorist researching extreme organizational change, from "doomsday prepping," climate change denialism, and public finance, to the role of leadership in building equitable organizations.