Profiles in "Material Culture" Expertise Area

  • Astor-Aguilera specializes in Mesoamerican religions and currently conducts holistic interdisciplinary ethnographic investigations of cenote-sinkholes and their associated religious ritual production amongst the Maya peoples.
  • Giard is professor of design and a leading scholar in design and material culture. He is the author of four books and more than 50 articles on design in various journals in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Lamp's primary research interest is in the history of rhetoric, specifically Roman rhetoric. She is the area director of WRL and the past president of the American Society for the History Rhetoric.
  • Lauro is a historian of 19th and 20th century Japan and he is currently an Assistant Teaching Professor of Asian History in the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Arizona State University.
  • I am a researcher, analyst, and educator seeking to discover, aspire, and imagine how the fabric of society can be transformed by equality, community development, and innovative practice.