Profiles in "Nanoscience and Material Physics" Expertise Area

  • Treacy received his Ph.D. in physics from Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, in 1979. His interests are: modeling hypothetical zeolite frameworks; studying disordered materials by Fluctuation Microscopy; the topology of knotted, woven, and linked molecules.
  • Bennett works in experimental surface science to study ultra-thin films and self-assembled nanostructures.
  • Venables retired from his tenured post in 2008. He was rehired increasingly part-time in connection with the PSM in Nanoscience, for which he is the founding program director.
  • Ferry has authored or co-authored more than 950 research papers, written or co-written 20 textbooks, 34 chapters in science books and edited 8other books.
  • Newman served as the Lawrence Professor of Solid State Sciences and is an emeritus faculty member in the materials program at ASU. His research interests focus on novel solid-state materials.
  • Dr. Sukharev's research expertise include computational nano-optics, coherent control, and physics of light-matter interaction in strong and ultra-strong coupling regimes.
  • Schmidt's interests include quantum Monte Carlo, many-particle theory, nuclear physics, cold atoms, and femtosecond pulse X-ray scattering.
  • Smith specializes in the development, applications, and advancement of atomic-resolution electron microscopy.
  • Qing is a joint assistant professor of the Department of Physics, and the Center of Bioelectronics and Biosensors in the Biodesign Institute. He is also a member of the Center of Biological Physics at ASU.