Profiles in "Transdisciplinary Studies" Expertise Area

  • Barton is a complex systems scientist who combines anthropology, archaeology, earth science, and information technologies to study long-term dynamics and interactions of people and landscapes in the Anthropocene.
  • Sha's research concerns ethico-aesthetic improvisation, and a topological approach to morphogenesis and process philosophy.
  • Historian and philosopher of biodiversity data, models, and commons: what knowledge do we need to get things done together while differing in fundamental ways?
  • Helitzer's research has focused on health outcome improvements through interventions in communities and in clinical settings.
  • Sears has conducted cardiometabolic disease and cancer research since 1995 and is an internationally recognized expert. The scope of her research activities spans the molecular to population health levels.
  • Megan Mastro is a Ph.D. Candidate and Instructor in the Spanish Linguistics program at Arizona State University. Megan wishes to serve the Latino/Hispanic American community to promote Spanish Maintenance in the US.
  • Reymore’s research investigates the roles of timbre in musical experience, particularly with respect to meaning, cognition and formal structure.