Profiles in "Dance" Expertise Area

  • Weitz's work focuses on women, health, sexuality and the body.
  • Mitchell is an artist and educator, and currently performs with DATURA interdisciplinary ensemble and teaches creative practice, dance media, and interactive performance courses in the School of Film, Dance and Theatre.
  • Kaplan is a multi-instrumentalist performer and composer. His work within the arts and healthcare offers tools to support the notion that being “present,” self-aware, and team-aware are critical in all endeavors.
  • Kim works in screendance, video art, multimedia installation and performance art. She joined ASU in 2006.
  • Schupp's research interests include dance competition culture, dance curriculum and pedagogy in tertiary education, and equity across the spectrum of dance education.
  • Professor Mary Fitzgerald is a dance artist and educator whose creative work includes choreography, performance, and dance filmmaking.
  • Dr. Cynthia Roses-Thema’s career in the performing arts spans responsibilities as a principal ballerina, artistic director, choreographer, master teacher, journalist, actor, and entrepreneur.
  • Among Jackson's interests are dance and human rights; dance analysis and criticism; collaborative/multimedia performance; experimental pedagogy in dance studies; dance theory, history and ethnology.
  • Standley is an artist whose work crosses disciplines of choreography, performance and visual arts practices (including video, sculpture, drawing, and live art).