Profiles in "Philosophy of Religion and Applied Ethics" Expertise Area

  • Zorita's publications and teaching are focused on issues of cultural diversity, Latin culture, family functioning, professional ethics and the humanistic foundations of social work.
  • Manninen teaches and researches in philosophy, with an emphasis on applied ethics, medical ethics, philosophy of religion, and philosophy and film. She also has interests in social and political philosophy.
  • Anderson studies the philosophy of religion and religion in America. He has authored books exploring the relationship between reason, God and the good. His research interests include reason and common ground.
  • Thad Botham is published in epistemology and in metaphysics.
  • Haines co-directs the Center of Muslim Experience in the U.S. As assoc. prof. of religious studies and cultural anthropologist, he studies marginal communities, Islamic values of peace, community well-being and lived ethics.
  • Yoshikawa expertise includes ethics: philosophy of happiness, virtue ethics, and Christian and Buddhist ethics.
  • David's main areas of academic interest and scholarly research tend to focus on issues in the philosophy¬†of religion, political theory, and applied ethics.