Profiles in "Interdisciplinarity" Expertise Area

  • Rubinoff is an American historian with a focus on the 1920s, World War II, and the 1950s. He teaches interdisciplinary studies (core and electives), organizational leadership, and U.S. history.
  • Dietrich is the program lead for the applied computing program at ASU’s West campus. Dietrich's current research focuses on computer science education, especially databases, and interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Kim works in screendance, video art, multimedia installation and performance art. She joined ASU in 2006.
  • Kennedy teaches interdisciplinary arts and performance, with a focus on vocal performance, theatre history and music composition, and is a leading scholar on the Provincetown Players, Greenwich Village, and Eugene O'Neill.
  • Dr. Ellsworth serves on ASU’s Faculty of Organizational Leadership, an innovative community of faculty and staff who provide an extraordinary education to an extraordinarily diverse and inclusive student body.
  • Fox's current work focuses on the histories of positive emotions and well-being, as well as the role of fictional and cultural narratives in shaping emotion.
  • Dr. Stephanie R. deLusé writes and teaches, including The Human Event and other courses, at Barrett, the Honors College at ASU.
  • Fahs studies women's sexuality, critical embodiment, radical feminism and activism, has authored: Performing Sex, Valerie Solanas, Out for Blood, Firebrand Feminism, Burn It Down!, and practices clinical psychology.
  • Eshleman has taught at ASU since 1994 in the areas of Art History, English, Liberal Studies,and Interdisciplinary Studies. Her research and teaching interests include sacred place and pilgrimage, and encounter and hybridity.