Profiles in "Global Urbanism" Expertise Area

  • Koptiuch is a cultural anthropologist and urban ethnographer who tries to practice anthro as much performance art as social science. Global urbanism, transnational migration, diversity/inequality, digital humanities.
  • Haines is a cultural anthropologist whose interests intersect a spectrum of humanistic concerns for marginal communities and imagining global futures predicated on values of peace, community wellbeing, and lived ethics.
  • An expert in sustainable policy development, Roseland’s research focuses on transportation planning and traffic management, social equity and social mobilization for sustainable development.
  • Jamme explores issues of equitable access to opportunities from a global comparative perspective. Her research interests include urban theory, socio-spatial justice, mobilities, public space, TOD, and affordable housing.
  • David Proffitt is a postdoctoral research scholar at the Global Institute of Sustainability researching community responses to climate change, urban resilience to extreme heat, and equitable access to transportation.