Profiles in "Transnational Migration" Expertise Area

  • Koptiuch is a cultural anthropologist and urban ethnographer who tries to practice anthro as much performance art as social science. Global urbanism, transnational migration, diversity/inequality, digital humanities.
  • Reves teaches lower division coordinator in the German group at ASU. Her primary research interests are migration, networks and culture transfer.
  • Cuya Gavilano's areas of specialization are Andean Studies, Migration, Transnationalism, Contemporary Latin American film and literature, and cultural studies. For more info, see CV here:
  • Abby C. Wheatley is a cultural anthropologist with research and teaching interests in international migration and mobility, human rights, and transnational community regeneration.
  • Refugee/asylum migration and displacement, transnationalism, human rights, transitional justice, militarism, and conflict and peace in the Horn of Africa and northern Uganda.