Profiles in "Political Sociology" Expertise Area

  • Thomas’s research and teaching focus on world cultural processes and their constitutive effects on authority, agency, and identity. He studies how these processes affect religions and how religions engage them.
  • Mueller is best known as a social movements scholar, with particular attention to the international women’s movement. She has an edited volume now under review "Localizing Human Rights Abuses: The U.S.-Mexico Experience."
  • Martin's current research projects focus on youth political engagement, college student development, and inequalities in the arts and creative industries.
  • Graduate Research Associate in the program "Social and Human Dimensions of Technology" by Arizona State University. Bioethics, Border Forensics STS, Animal Ethics.
  • Michael McQuarrie is the Director of the Center for Work and Democracy. He studies governance, urban politics and culture, community and regional development, organizations, protest and social movements, and capitalism
  • Aaron Thompson is a Ph.D. student at the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics. Aaron's research focus is on the intersection of communication technologies and political and racial identity.