Profiles in "Conflict Management" Expertise Area

  • Broome's specialty is intercultural communication, with a focus on intercultural conflict, dialogue, and peacebuilding.
  • Guerrero studies communication in close relationships, emphasizing emotional and nonverbal communication. Her research focuses on how communication affects relationships in positive and negative ways.
  • Waldron’s research interests include the communication of forgiveness, relational resilience, relationship changes across the lifespan, and the communication of the “moral emotions” in work settings.
  • DePinto's primary professional experience has been in school social work and he has more than 30 years of experience working with chemically-dependent adolescents.
  • Mr. Marsit is a principal lecturer in the College of Health Solutions at ASU.
  • Jacobsen has extensive work experience in media, particularly newspaper editing and publishing, and in presenting public programs.
  • Scholar has presented research on the use of social media for academic retention, the effects of student excuses on faculty, and leveraging technology tools for engaging discussions.
  • Karen Stafford teaches Human Resources Management at ASU.