Profiles in "Political Economy" Expertise Area

  • Smith is an archaeologist who research interests include the Aztecs, Teotihuacan, ancient and modern cities (planning, neighborhoods, scaling), and transdisciplinary social science research.
  • Dave taught Interdisciplinary Studies, Organizational Leadership, and Political Science until he retired. He is research director of the Grand Canyon Institute. His expertise on public policy in Arizona is often sought out.
  • Lauderdale's teaching and research interests include comparative law, indigneous jurisprudence, racialization, diversity, global indigenous struggles, and international terrorism.
  • Nelson's research focuses on cycles of social complexity and connectivity among the ancient cultures of northwestern Mexico and the American Southwest and on human roles in and responses to the desertification of grasslands.
  • Chance studies sociocultural anthropology, including race and class in Colonial Mexico.
  • Schatzman's courses examine politics through a comparative lens and in a globalized world.
  • Thomas Keil was the associate dean of New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences on the West campus. He came to ASU in 1999 as dean of arts and sciences on the West campus.
  • Professor Keim's research, teaching and consulting focus on business-government relations in the US and other advanced economies and on differences in business environments in different countries.
  • Keahey is a development sociologist who studies social justice in food and agriculture, post-authoritarian transitions to sustainability, multi-paradigmatic and participatory methods, and development ethics.