Profiles in "Telecommunications" Expertise Area

  • Morris is a member of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma. Her research focuses on Tribal Digital Sovereignty.
  • Tepedelenlioglu's areas of expertise include wireless communications statistical signal processing estimation and equalization.
  • Karam's research interests include image/video processing, compression and transmission, computer vision, machine learning, visual quality assessment and perception, multidimensional signal processing, digital filtering and biomedical imaging.
  • Reisslein received a doctorate in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1998.
  • Shinyi Wu's research interests include strategic pricing of information goods and services; telecommunications and efficient allocation of wireless network resources; and impact of online recommendations and ratings on sales.
  • Adriene Jenik is an artist and educator who resides in the desert. Her current research spans “data humanization” performances, ECOtarot readings, and experiments in extreme experiential learning.
  • Ewaisha's research interests fall in the broad area of wireless communications and networking.