Profiles in "Sustainability and Food Choice" Expertise Area

  • Elser investigates the theory of biological stoichiometry — the study of the balance of energy and multiple chemical elements in living systems.
  • Klopatek is an emeritus ecosytem ecologist who has migrated to research and teaching about the ecology of food and sustainable food systems with emphasis on global climate change effects.
  • Szejda's research focuses on designing and evaluating messages about the health and sustainability aspects of food choices.
  • Carola Grebitus' current research includes consumer preferences for local food, urban agriculture, and sustainable (food) products; willingness to pay for new technologies; and the influence of food labeling on purchasing.
  • Mueller-Alexander started as a Social Sciences, Education, & Business Librarian doing online searching. She then added all the sciences, engineering, & medical areas before coming to ASU. She is at the Poly campus.
  • Fostering sustainable behaviors at the most innovative university in the U.S.
  • In his research and teaching, Fischer casts an educational perspective on the question of how sustainable consumption can be promoted through communication and learning.
  • Natalie is a food and culture scholar, sustainable food systems instructor, trained culinarian, and food history author.