Profiles in "American Political Thought" Expertise Area

  • O'Donnell is the author of books exploring religion, culture, and politics in early America. She writes and teaches about American history, the Atlantic World, and Catholicism.
  • Calvin Schermerhorn is a historian of capitalism, slavery and African American inequality. He offers graduate and undergraduate courses and advises honors and graduate students.
  • Kirkpatrick researches American political thought, with an emphasis on social movements, law, and social change. Her other interests include law and society, morality and politics, and feminist theory.
  • Barth is Associate Professor of History at Arizona State University. He specializes in the history of money and banking, in the early modern period, with corollary interests in politics, empire, culture, and ideas.
  • Van Cleave is the Director of Online Programs for SHPRS and an Associate Clinical Professor of History.
  • German’s research and teaching focus on American political and constitutional thought, as well as early modern thought. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame and has been at ASU since 2017.
  • McNamara’s research and teaching has focused on American Political Thought, Early Modern Political Thought, and Political Economy. He has taught at Boston College, Clemson University, and Utah State University.
  • Seagrave’s teaching and research focus on American political principles, including both their application in American political history and their antecedents in intellectual history.