Profiles in "American Political Thought" Expertise Area

  • O'Donnell is the author of books exploring religion, culture, and politics in early America. She writes and teaches about American history, the Atlantic World, and Catholicism.
  • Calvin Schermerhorn is a historian of capitalism, slavery and African American inequality. He offers graduate and undergraduate courses and advises honors and graduate students.
  • Kirkpatrick researches American political thought, with an emphasis on social movements, law, and social change. Her other interests include law and society, morality and politics, and feminist theory.
  • Barth is Associate Professor of History at Arizona State University. He specializes in the history of money and politics in early America.
  • Van Cleave is the Director of Online Programs for SHPRS and an Associate Clinical Professor of History.
  • German’s research and teaching focus on American political and constitutional thought, as well as early modern thought. He has been at ASU since 2017.
  • McNamara’s research and teaching has focused on American Political Thought, Early Modern Political Thought, and Political Economy. He has taught at Boston College, Clemson University, and Utah State University.
  • Adam Seagrave writes and teaches in the area of political philosophy and American political thought, with a particular focus on issues of race in American history.