Profiles in "Biology and Society" Expertise Area

  • Wu is a Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Sustainability Science at Arizona State University. His research areas include: landscape ecology, urban ecology, and sustainability science.
  • Matt Chew conducts a field course in 'novel ecosystems' and studies the history and philosophy of conservation biology.
  • Creath is a philosopher of science who uses historical methods to study fundamental questions about the role of logic, mathematics, scientific methods and even philosophy within science.
  • Anna Clemencia Guerrero is a PhD candidate and professional scientific illustrator in the Center for Biology and Society. She studies how scientists make and use pictures to understand microbial communities.
  • Historian and philosopher of biodiversity data, models, and commons: what knowledge do we need to get things done together while differing in fundamental ways?
  • I am a Masters student in the Biology and Society program. My research in on how human constructs act as breeding places for mosquitoes and how those constructs affect mosquito abundance.
  • I'm a SoLS Masters students whose research lies at the intersection of reproductive justice, bioethics, and feminist STS. Specifically, I am investigating the social feasibility of long-acting, reversible male birth control.