Profiles in "Consumerism" Expertise Area

  • Trained as a historian of Latin America (M.A. & Ph.D., Harvard University) with a background in economics (B.A., Swarthmore College), I am interested in food, drugs, commodities, capitalism, business, & ethnohistory.
  • Gruber teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in film, consumerism, rhetorical theory, research methods, and professional speaking and writing. She is also a faculty member in Barrett, the Honors College.
  • Nicole Darnall is ASU Foundation Professor of Sustainability and Director of ASU's Sustainable Purchasing Research Initiative. Her research investigates organizations' and individuals' sustainability behaviors.
  • Ligia Bezerra has taught Portuguese, Spanish, and English in Brazil and in the U.S. Her research interests include Latin American literature and culture, consumption, everyday life, neoliberalism, and democracy.