Profiles in "Ethical Theory" Expertise Area

  • Calhoun is professor of philosophy at ASU. She works in normative ethics, moral psychology, and feminist philosophy.
  • Portmore's research focuses mainly on morality, rationality, and the interconnections between the two, but he has also written on well-being, posthumous harm, and the non-identity problem.
  • Khoury is a philosopher whose work focuses on issues surrounding free will and moral responsibility. Prior to coming to ASU, he was a senior fellow at the London School of Economics. He earned his PhD from ASU in 2011.
  • Collins specializes in applied ethics, especially business and environmental. Her courses include applied ethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, and philosophy of sex and love.
  • Rachel Fedock earned her Ph.D. in philosophy from CUNY Graduate Center. Her research interest include ethics, feminist ethics, Black feminism, abolition, gender, race, moral psychology, the philosophy of love, and care.
  • Yoshikawa expertise includes ethics: philosophy of happiness, virtue ethics, and Christian and Buddhist ethics.
  • Klein specialize in ethics, popular culture, and the philosophy of sport.