Profiles in "Russian Studies" Expertise Area

  • Kefeli is a specialist of Islam in Eurasia and Central Asia. She conducts fieldwork in Muslim and Christian Tatar villages, which led her to appreciate religious diversity.
  • Manchester specializes in 19th and 20th century Russian history. Her current research interests include ethnic return migration, diaspora culture, oral history, and autobiographical narratives.
  • Clay studies the religious history of Russia and Eurasia, the Eastern Christian tradition, confessional identities, new religious movements and the spiritual marketplace in the Russian Empire and its successor states.
  • Elizabeth Meloy holds a PhD in European history from Brown University. She is a Faculty Fellow in Barrett, Honors College. In 2016, after two years on the Tempe campus, she joined Dr. Tom Martin at Barrett Poly.
  • Olenina specializes in Russian literature and visual culture, as well as media theory with an emphasis on performance and embodied spectatorship.