Profiles in "Women and Gender Studies" Expertise Area

  • Tompkins specializes in Latin American literature and cultural production, theory and film. She co-edits Imagofagia, is the editor-in-chief of Chasqui, and runs a summer abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Myles is the author of "African American Women's Narratives of Enslavement: Beyond Borders" and co-editor of "Sapphire's Literary Breakthrough."
  • Elenes' book "Transforming Borders" examines the relationship between Chicana cultural productions, pedagogy and epistemology.
  • Kirsch researches on Gertrude Stein, poetics and rhetoric and teaches courses in rhetorical and literary theory, American literature, and women’s writing.
  • Founded by Professor Scott, CGEST is a one-of-a-kind research unit focused on exploring, identifying, and creating innovative scholarship about underrepresented women and girls in STEM.
  • A Fulbright Scholar, Professor Ali is the founding chair of CAIS, coordinator of Arabic Studies and head of Classics and Middle East Studies at ASU.
  • Cho's research fields range from Pre-modern Korean and Chinese literature and culture; Sino-Korean exchange and East Asian comparative literature; performance literature; and oral storytelling and folk literature.
  • Horohoe is a faculty associate in history with research interests in US Women's History, US Political History, Public History, The Progressive Era and First Ladies.