Profiles in "Social Justice in Education" Expertise Area

  • New ideas about identity, violence, and the state – and opposition to them – animate Adelman's research on families and schools,
  • Gustavo Fischman works to promote more engaging, responsive and usable educational research oriented to the elimination of educational and social inequalities.
  • Alexandria Estrella's research interests involve literacy development among students from non-dominant communities and English learners.
  • Early is a scholar of English education and secondary literacy. She is the director of the Central Arizona Writing Project, a local site of the National Writing Project.
  • Brown's teaching philosophy is to engage and encourage students to work collaboratively, and guide them towards a core understanding of the course work and its most fundamental principles.
  • Dr. Sampson's scholarship examines leadership and policymaking related to educational equity from three interdependent levels—districts, communities, and states.
  • Coley's primary research focuses on virtual reality as a tool for developing empathetic and inclusive mindsets.
  • Asao B. Inoue is an antiracist assessment educator who does compassion-based, social justice projects that focus on engaging students and dismantling white supremacy.