Profiles in "Aerospace Engineering" Expertise Area

  • Squires leads the advancement of the Fulton Schools, focused on global leadership in engineering education and research and innovation at scale.
  • Werner J.A. Dahm is the ASU Foundation Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering since 2010, and is Professor Emeritus of Engineering at the University of Michigan where he served on the faculty for the previous 25 years.
  • Dai oversees degree and research programs of aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, and several other degree and certificate programs.
  • Prof Takahashi teaches classes in aircraft performance, aerodynamics, aerospace structures and materials and engineering profession.
  • Peet's current research interests are in the role of computation as it is applied to the understanding and control of complex and large-scale systems.
  • Dr. Jonathon Hill is a mission planner at ASU's Mars Space Flight Facility.
  • Jacobs is a interdisciplinary scientist with interests low frequency radio cosmology, development of space-based instrumentation, and the future of humans in space.
  • Khuller is a final-year PhD student working under Dr. Phil Christensen. Research interests: Planetary Surface Processes, Ices, Atmospheres, Spectroscopy, Numerical Modeling, Aeolian Geomorphology, Volcanism, Thermophysics.