Profiles in "Early Modern Literature" Expertise Area

  • Ryner studies and teaches classes on Shakespeare and early English drama, history of economic thought, drama as a genre, knowledge production, and questions of ontology and agency in early English texts and society.
  • Dr. Valerie Fazel teaches composition and literature for ASU's Department of English.
  • Hope's work lives at the intersection of language and literature: using techniques from linguistics to explore literary texts, and literary texts as evidence for the linguistic history of English.
  • Johnson's teaching and research interests range widely, but mainly focus on the literatures and cultures of early modern Spain, Germany, England, and the Americas.
  • Geoffrey Way is Manager of Publishing Futures for the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, where he acquires premodern titles for publication in open access with ACMRS Press.
  • PhD Student, English (Literature) -- Early modern literature // Environmental humanities // Sensory studies
  • Galarrita’s research focuses on early modern English drama and travel writing, premodern critical race studies, racial trauma, science fiction, and language. Her current project explores the first recorded Asians in early modern England.