Profiles in "Early Modern Literature" Expertise Area

  • Ryner studies and teaches classes on Shakespeare and early English drama, history of economic thought, drama as a genre, knowledge production, and questions of ontology and agency in early English texts and society.
  • Dr. Valerie Fazel teaches composition and literature for ASU's Department of English.
  • Hope's work lives at the intersection of language and literature: using techniques from linguistics to explore literary texts, and literary texts as evidence for the linguistic history of English.
  • Johnson's teaching and research interests range widely, but mainly focus on the literatures and cultures of early modern Spain, Germany, England, and the Americas.
  • PhD Student, English (Literature) -- Early modern literature // Environmental humanities // Sensory studies
  • Galarrita’s research focuses on early modern English drama and travel writing, premodern critical race studies, racial trauma, science fiction, and language.