Profiles in "Southwest Studies" Expertise Area

  • Claudia Mesch is Professor of Art History at Arizona State University. Her books include Modern Art at the Berlin Wall (2009), Art and Politics (2013), and Joseph Beuys (2017).
  • Peeples is an archaeologist whose work focuses on regional synthesis and the application of network science methods and models to archaeological data, primarily in the U.S. Southwest and Mexican Northwest.
  • Steven Semken is an ethnogeologist and geoscience-education researcher whose interests include place-based geoscience education, interpretation, virtual and online education, geoheritage, and geology of the Southwest.
  • Sadowski-Smith works in border and migration studies. She has published "The New Immigrant Whiteness: Race, Neoliberalism, and Post-Soviet Migration to the United States," "Border Fictions," and "Globalization on the Line."
  • I am an anthropological archaeologist and cultural resource management professional who examines the social impacts of long-distance exchange and long-term human-animal relationships in pre-Hispanic North America.
  • Prof. Bruner's research engages the history of religion, violence, photography, and ethnography. He is currently engaged in a variety of community-based projects in the desert Southwest of the United States.
  • Rafael Martínez is an assistant professor of Southwest Borderlands in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. Rafael’s work focuses on immigration, migration, and the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands.