Profiles in "Mineralogy" Expertise Area

  • Hervig uses the elemental and isotopic chemistry of earth and extraterrestrial materials to deduce their origin and evolution. The main analytical tool he uses is secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS).
  • My PhD work explores the diverse chemical environments generated through water-rock interactions and their implications for the habitability of rock-hosted systems.
  • Melanie Barboni is an isotope geochemist/igneous petrologist whose research focuses on understanding magmatic systems, both on Earth and other planetary bodies.
  • Mara is a Faculty Associate. Her work studies the influence of shock on 40Ar/39Ar ages, likely exoplanet mantle petrology using stellar abundance observation, and civic engagement in government agency science prioritization.
  • Structural characterization and thermodynamic measurements of natural minerals and synthetic materials; determination of their structure-stability relationships at relevant temperature, pressure & chemical conditions.
  • I study minerals' atomic and magnetic properties to understand Earth's evolution and the diverse materials in the universe, using X-rays, Raman, diamond anvil cells, dynamic compression, and magnetometers.