Profiles in "Editing" Expertise Area

  • Coulombe's professional experience ranges from 20 years as a bench-top scientist to professional dog walker, freelance writer and editor.
  • Nationally recognized scholar in visual communication, visual literacy, and professional communication pedagogy.
  • Jackie oversees the Center's research and education portfolio. This includes managing relationships with government, industry, and education institutions, and ensuring contract performance through deliverables, HR, finances, and event logistics.
  • Thorson teaches technical communication and has worked in the technical industry specializing in technical writing and editing, marketing, communications and corporate communications.
  • Tessa Etzioni is an experienced educator and instructional designer with over 12 years of industry experience in imaging, design, and technology.
  • Lindsay Kinkade leads a team of creatives making storytelling materials showcasing the excellence, innovation and impact of ASU.
  • Dina is originally from Russia, currently pursuing a PhD in Biology (Biology and Society) at ASU. She is interested in reproductive health, health disparities, social determinants of health, and health policy.