Profiles in "Air Quality" Expertise Area

  • Johnston’s research focuses on policy informatics, the study of how computational and communication technology is leveraged to specifically understand and address complex public policy and administration problems.
  • Herckes is a Professor in ASU’s School of Molecular Sciences. His research areas include analytical, environmental and atmospheric chemistry.
  • Cahill’s research focuses on environmental and analytical chemistry. Most of the research involves determining organic pollutants in the atmosphere and relating these chemicals back to their sources.
  • Prof. Andino's research focuses on chemical kinetics and mechanisms as applied to air quality (atmospheric chemistry and air pollution control) and energy themes. She is a registered professional engineer.
  • Hall is an ecologist and conservation scientist who studies connections between people and the environment. She is the faculty lead for the Conservation Bio & Ecology degree program and an award-winning teacher in her field.
  • Vanos is an associate professor in climate & human health addressing adaptation to extreme heat in a changing climate and impacts of extreme heat & air pollution on human health. She is PI of the Human Biometeorology Lab.