Profiles in "Energy Efficiency Technologies" Expertise Area

  • Pasqualetti is an energy geographer specializing in the societal aspects of energy, especially renewable energy.
  • Phelan researches and teaches in the area of sustainable energy, thermal transport and energy policy.
  • Seo's research interests focus on design of new synthetic strategies, and synthesis, characterization, and applications of new inorganic porous materials.
  • Wang's research interests include thermal energy conversion, storage, and transport in nanostructured materials; thermoelectric power generation; thermal storage media; heat transfer, and phonon optics
  • Mayyas' current research interests include motion planning and motion control of automated drive system, shared mobility, vehicle automation & connectivity, and energy optimization of connected and automated electrified-vehicles.
  • Phil’s international career and leadership experience has spanned the fields of system dynamics, 3D analytic and visualization systems, management consulting and analytic services and urban design, He is CEO of ORBIS Dynamics (
  • Formicone's research interests span the broad area of solid-state RF and Microwave power amplifiers for communications, avionics, radars, defense and security applications.
  • Chen’s research interests include design, modeling, estimation, control, and optimization of dynamic systems, specifically for (autonomous/electric) ground vehicle, microgrid, nanomanipulation and mechatronic systems.